This might be a silly question, but how do you answer questions that don't allow anonymous users?

So for the questions that don't allow users to answer anonymously , how do you post your reply? I don't see a post reply button? This is probably a silly question but I really don't see one?


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  • Are you mobile?
    Is so, turn your phone sideways so that the screen is lengthened left and right, and the submit button shows up, or at least it worked for me on my phone. (iPhone 5s)


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  • You post an answer the same as you do on every question, regardless of if the QA allows anonymous users or not. The only difference is, you cannot post anonymously (obviously) but you should still be able to reply with your username. There should be an orange button that says "send it!"

    If you do not see this button, it may be some sort of glitch, in which case you can contact the admins about it here.

    • Thanks! I didn't see the send it button when on my phone. I'll try again later

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    • Thanks!

    • No problem! :)

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  • I want to know that too. It won't let me send the answer

  • I don't answer those who turn it off.