What points do you usually get on your answers?

People here used to up and down vote each other a lot, I've noticed that's not practiced much anymore.
I usually don't get up or down votes, but when I do get something, I get an up vote.

Also, what's the most you've gotten?
Most I've gotten was a +27, I believe.

  • +2 or 3
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  • +1
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  • (+5 - 3 + 10)/4 - 3
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  • -1
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  • -2 or 3
    Vote E
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  • I only use those votes if it gets my opinion on top, that is I just vote you down regardless of what you said. I don't know if that still works... they changed the design so often.

    • That's some douchy shit to do.

    • Hey, no one ever defined what those arrows are supposed to be used and not used for. If I value my comment over everyone else's then I just vote accordingly.