Do you think since opinions are stacked, we should be able to choose which genders opinions display?

It would be a simple feature, click a simple drop down menu that lets you select, display girls opinions first or display guys opinions first. It would make things a little easier since their not side by side any more.

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  • No, I simply want them to be side by side again. That way both always start right under the question, and on computer screens this is much more convenient and MUCH more space-saving.

    • I want them back to side by side too, but if the admins are anything like the people in Washington, don't count on it. But I do think it would be a nice feature for the mobile version, where they where always stacked.

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    • New account explains everything.

    • Thanks!

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  • I actually don't mind the way it is. I've been using my phone a whole lot more so I wasn't used to the side by side answers.

  • No, I like to hear from both. If you don't label question accordingly

    • I don't mean only display one genders opinions, I mean we should get to choose which genders opinions display first.

    • Just go back to how it was. If not, it can stay the same

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