Is gag ever gonna fix the new tab problem?

Seriously im getting tired of this and if this continues, then im never coming back here. Like give me 20 good reasons why they have this open new tab with every question. like seriously? u go from having chat to not having chat, and now to this?

  • I don't know what to say bro, im leaving if they dont get this fixed
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  • Do i look like i care?
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  • Im pretty sure their going to fix it asap
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  • We're currently working on this... stay tuned.

    • No rush, I already have the tab problem solved ;).

    • How did u solve it bro

    • Just look at my comment on xHoneyxBeex opinion. The second 2 fixes are better than the first one, as the first one is permanent for every site.

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  • Oh please fix/change it. It's the stupidest change GAG made so far.

    • Why would a master say something like that. can't u fix it?

  • I was kind of wondering about it I am sure they are aware of it though.

  • Doesn't bother me if they do or they don't, I already fixed the problem my self =D.

  • Yeah its annoying. I'm sure they will fix it soon.

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