Guys, would you hate it if a girl friend of yours hitted on your friend?

There is this old friend of mine whom I rejected last summer. We've known each other for seven years and I can say we're good friends. But lately he has started to text me more often and ask me to go out with him and his friend. Now if he liked me (again) he wouldn't need his friend to be there all the time, right? So I think it means his friend might like me. I also think he's cute. Should I show him interest or do you think that will hurt my friend?


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  • I'm sorry, don't take my advice because I am majorly jealous with girls that I like, but here's my opinion.

    When a girl that I have a thing for is talking to another guy, it drives me crazy. I know it's cliche, but I think "What does he have that I don't?". It also may hurt him because the two of them are friends, and trust me; if your best friend goes out with the girl you like, it stings, bad.

    But if you like the dude, go for it.

    • Myeah, I'm afraid I'll hurt him and I don't want that but I kinda really like this guy. Last summer when my friend told me he liked me we both agreed it would be weird for us to be a couple since we've known each other for so long and we promised to never talk about it again. And now, if he likes me again why would he invite his friend to go out with us? Shouldn't he try to be alone with me?

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    • I see. Here's my theory. He really wanted to see you; but didn't want it to make it obvious so he brought a friend to bring a more casual feeling to it. If you like the guy's friend, you should follow what you want. If your friend is hurt, talk it out with him. There's really no way to win both though. If you go for it, your friend will be hurt badly. Then again, maybe he's not the jealous type. But I'm just rambling, I'm not going to try and drive you away from a guy you like. I suggest you go for him, and just see what happens from there.

    • I guess I will just wait and see what happens. Thank you for your advice, it helped.

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  • your friend will feel betrayed and pissed off

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