So, can blocked users up-/downvote your opinons or not?

On the old site blocked users could not up- or downvote your answers. But recently I noticed I'm still able to do it on users that I know have me blocked.

Is this a glitch or can blocked users do that now?

I'm strongly against blocked users being able to up-/downvote you, because then they could stalk your answers and downvote everything by default.

  • Blocked users should NOT be able to up-/downvote your opinions
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  • Blocked users should be able to up-/downvote your opinions
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  • I actually could. I tested it out.

    • Interesting. So I'm not the only one either.

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  • Is it possible that they unblocked you?

    You should not be able to vote on an opinion if that user blocked you, or if you blocked that user (as it blocks you back).

    We will test this again and fix it if we find it's malfunctioning.

    • I recently tested this by trying to post an answer to a user's question but it said I couldn't because I was blocked. But I'm still able to up/-downvote his opinions.

      So I take it it is some kind of glitch?

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    • @Red_Arrow:
      The one-sided conversations are because people post their responses to each others respective answers, since that's the only way they can get notifications.

    • @Anonymous - Thank you for that answer. It makes a lot more sense. (And I was starting to wonder if I had offended a bunch of people because it looked like I was missing half the conversation in many cases.)

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