Do you think their are groupies on this site? I see a lot of them?

Do you think their are groupies on this site? I see a lot of them? If you're on here somewhat a lot, and you see the same people commenting on your question or someone else's you obviously remember them
It's funny to see certain gag users who ALWAYS comment on someones opinion to a question. It's not even the question reply to, but to someones opinion. It's actually hilarious to see how bad they flirt or how desperate they come across. Does anyone else see this


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  • Yeah, I notice some people are obsessive but it doesn't bug me or anything.

    • Those people don't have real life friends

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    • It only bugs me if it's on a question of mine and they blow up my notifications with a conversation that could be had via PM lol

    • Yeah that too

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  • You seem like you're jealous of the attention that other people are getting. Be friendly to people and you'll make friends :)

    • I like the attention I get in real life
      I think it's weird to be a groupie over the internet and comment on everything on one particular persons opinion

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    • *wipes brow* phew.

    • You will never sound retarded. Gr...

  • Eh regular users have people who are familiar with them so they garner more attention. If you have a friendly and magnetic personality it will attract people regardless if it's the Internet or not.

  • So people have made friends on the site and then communicate with each other like you know... friends do? Thats absolutely astounding and I call shenanigans.

  • I try to help all people
    i know my opinion is never
    always right but i try my
    best :)

  • Wait, people take GaG seriously? :D

    • If you consider someone a friend on here, you clearly do

    • Haha, how is the life of delicious rice crispy treats?

    • Sorry questioner, didn't realize acknowledging that there are actual people on this site is taken it too seriously.

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  • I think it's just because people get friendly with eachother and also if someone is asking a question, then that's what the whole point of the site is, to help people out.

    Maybe it's easy to feel left out if you see other people openly friendly with others but it's not a bad thing. It's better than everybody hating eachother lol. You could join in! :)

  • Meh, it's harmless fun. Just messing around.
    I've seen it to the point of being pathetic, though. Either way, people are just trying to have a good time.

  • green is not a good color on you

    • Anonymous isn't good for you

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    • im done, your immaturity is lowering my IQ Lmao.

    • I think your blunt retort seemed like you were offended. I got to go, your retardation is getting contagious