How does the xxper system on GAG work? how can I increase the xp count?

Is there a way to score xps here or does ir randomly increase , apparently my current xp level has a lots of limitations.


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  • Ask questions and give people the most helpful answer.
    Respond to a few questions each time you're online. Answering will earn points, and if you get the most helpful answer it will earn more.
    You'll see, the more time you invest in it, the more points you collect.

    And, you'll start hearing the same people over and over again and they'll more or less become friends.
    Enjoy "GAG'ing"... generally it's fun.

    • Thanks for most helpful... I had a quick look at your questions and see that you've started to enjoy GAG :-)

    • yeah its actually very interactive and fun

    • Now I need to go but when I have a but of time I'll look at your questions and see which ones I can answer. Feel free to "follow" me if you like. And to "unfollow" me if I become boring haha.

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  • nope i does not randomly increases..just check it in your settings

  • You can earn points by being an active member of the site, providing helpful opinions, asking questions, etc.
    You can cash in those Xper points for rewards, like Amazon giftcards, feature questions for 24 hours, donations to RAVEN, etc.

    To learn all about what you can earn and how you can spend them, check out our FAQ ^_^