Hey gagers! Do you think this type of scheme will make GAG more interesting? Do you have any offers?

I am not sure if you people agree but i thought the idea of this scheme would be interesting.
My scheme is like, if a gager is voted with 5 MH in a day...he must be rewarded 150 points along with his normal regular points he receives with opinion.^_^
Also it is not easy to score 5 MH a day ( i am excluding automatic MH) So it is appealing i guess. What do you think?
Well it was my scheme...haha. If you have any of yours then you can share it too!!

Also the gagers who gets rewarded for 5 MH must be notified by in front of everyone either in live feed or gag news section for a day. How is that? :p
This is my other scheme
Also if a particular gager has opinionated on at least 40 questions a day then he must be given Awarded with 50 points extra. I think it is encouraging too as he has given his precious time to this site :p


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  • I think it's a good idea. I get kind of irritated to see people raking in points and Amazon gift cards for doing little more than posting "it's joooooocy" (or however it's spelled) dozens of times. I mean, really? Why give incentives to people who post nonsense? I think this kind "oodles of points for many Most Helpfuls" system would definitely improve the quality of Opinions and distribute points to people who are more deserving.

    • Correct... Actually not everyone is benefitted with Amazon gift cards as all gagers are not citizen of US UK and canada..
      This would substitute for Amazon gift cards.

    • I wasn't aware that Amazon Gift Cards were limited to those countries. That seems unfair to me.

      As for your statement "This would substitute for Amazon gift cards"... how? Points that don't earn anything aren't really worth anything. At that point, you might as well get rid of the point system altogether.

    • I meant if many gagers who aren't benefitted with Amazon cards could use this hard earned points to reach guru or master level faster.

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  • Sounds good to me. I'll never make that quota though.

    • Yeah..that's why..people will work more hard to grab MH haha