What clues give away a guy's hidden feelings for a girl?

If you were going to get dinner/drinks with a gal pal to catch up and had a crush on her knowing she had a boyfriend, what clues might give away your feelings even though you were trying to suppress? Like, body language, would you ask her about current/past relationships? Anything you can think of or experienced! :P


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  • avoids letting a girl notice him looking, being quiet, he might seem restless, or moves in a less smoother or organized way and won't talk unless she talks first or asks the questions first

    • Ahh, so would he have like a nervous energy, good eye-contact and what if conversation is smooth and non-stop from both?

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    • yup, true! Thank u!

    • this right here is the shy guy

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  • He has a magic compass that points to what he wants the most.
    Honestly what i use is hip direction. Its said your hips will always point to the person you like the most

  • Eye Contact
    Checking out the girl from the corner of the eye
    Try to keep eyes on my phone or other people around if the boyfriend is around

    I'm going through the same thing here lol

  • he's going out alone with a girl that has a bf...they're both playing with fire, and creating unnecessary drama, ESPECIALLY because he likes her

  • guys are not good at hiding feelings like women, it would be obvious to you

    • Obvious like how? Examples please :)

    • why can't you find it for yourself jeez

    • ok, well thanks for your input

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  • Personally, the guy may look at you a lot. It really depends on the guy but watch his feet. If he is interested in you, most definitely, his body faces you often bc he is reluctant to lose view of you.

    Smile. I know this one is like 'ah every one smiles etc' but usually when he smiles and his eyes depict that, it isn't a polite smile, he genuinely is into the convo.

    Another big I have noticed is if runs his hands through his hair with a smile! He's definitely into you girl. If not hair, he touches or fixes his shirt.

    The other main one I noticed was how much he talks, like two types exist, one that questions a lot or one that gives clipped answer. Obviously this is harder bc depends on how comfortable/open you appear. Though, asking about relationships is always a giver as that you wouldn't as anyone just that.

    • Very thorough! Thanks a lot!!

  • I say the direction of his posture. Whenever you turn, he fallows you in the same direction.


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