Will we ever be able to ask GaGer questions again or are they banned forever?

About a month ago mods placed what they said was a temporary block on GaGer questions like "Who's the hottest" or "Who do you think gives the best advice". It's been quite a while now, and the questions are still being deleted.


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  • Moderators don't have the ability to create question bans, they're only volunteer users who help us (the admins) keep the site fun, safe, and informative.

    As for the ban, of course it's not permanent. We will allow them again once things settle down.
    We were seeing close to two dozen every week for a while, that's simply too many.
    The GAGer love has been covered for a while and once there aren't so many in the recent history, we'll allow them again, sparingly of course.

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    • just kidding...you are<333

    • I knew it :-P

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  • First of all, moderators did not create the ban, the admins did. Secondly, no, they will not be banned forever. Lol The admins just wanted them to stop for a little while since so many were being asked. The admins have said that they will let us know when those questions will be allowed again.