He said "Lets make a bet" I have no idea what to pick. HELP!

So my ex boyfriends roommate and I have been talking for awhile. This weekend is the first time we will be hanging out since my ex and I broke up. He wants to make a bet. I just don't know what to pick if I win. He said the boundaries are up to me. Any ideas?


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  • What led to him mentioning a bet?

    • We were talking about racing and he said even tho I am a girl he isn't going to let me win so I said I didn't want him to then he said he wants to make a bet. He also said he can't think of his bet until I think of mine because he wants to base it off mine.

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    • Yes. But we are just friends so I am looking for something friendly.

    • Bet loser buys lunch. It's not necessarily a date. It can just be friends having lunch.