Its been 2 months when are articles coming back I want to be able to write them?

Its been 2 months when are Articles coming back I want to be able to write them


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  • We're still working on the site itself, we'll let you all know when you can submit articles again.

    Not every article submission will be approved.
    Since the Story feature is gone, each article will have to be approved to be added to the site and featured :-)


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  • I want to be able to read them. Some day if they being it back I may write one of my own.


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  • I never quite understood the purpose of the articles feature, maybe you can explain it to me.

    I suppose there is no limitation on characters, and obviously it's not a question that requires responses. But people still can post comments and those comments can be commented, am I right? So, is there any major difference in its structure to questions? Or is it only the length that make the articles feature so attractive?

    • That actually sounds cool. CX So it's like an area to write stories and poems and whatever you want and people "review" them? That sounds great! XD like it's a writing site or something. ^^ I would love that!

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    • I'm a little surprised. I thought you genuinely felt the urge to write articles! Haha.

    • @Hyped - I really thought wow, she is raring to go and educate us on some topics. The I find out it is all about the points. Bummer. ;-]