It seems as if you have to ask questions at the right time in order to get a reasonable amount of responses?

Does anyone else notice this? There are questions that could easily be answered but are not. Why is that?


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  • Different amount of users are logged in at different times. In the evenings there are a lot of users online. At night or early morning there are very few users online.


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  • Yeah, you're absolutely correct. The thing is, this site is mainly populated by Americans (or people living in America), so we can get maximum responses if we post according to US timings.

    • That makes sense

    • Thanks! Earlier even I used to wonder the same thing, but then I realized the actual thing that was happening. And if you observe, usually you get responses at all times on weekends (except between 1 am and 8 am US time) because most people don't have to go for school or work.

  • Because people ignore them...

    • Ignoring them because what?
      the person asking is anonymous?
      the person asking isn't someone they are familiar with on gag?
      the question isn't interesting even though it's an easy one?
      all of the above?

    • I dont know , its people's wish , as i have read sometimes its repetitive , or an under age is answerng , or question dont appeal much to people
      I try to answer almost all the question i can

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