Why does it say the limit for characters in an answer is 2000 when it's actually not? Is this a technical glitch or something?

I've noticed this several times now. I type a long answer and get close to the limit of 2000. I eventually have, let's say, 1994 characters, click "post", and it says it's too long.

Why does it do that? Why does it say the limit is 2000 when it's actually not? Am I missing something?

No one has an idea why this is?


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  • certain special ascii characters, which also depends on the browser, are probably not detected by the function on this site that calculates how many characters there are for a given post. But since the memory buffer for a thread is limited by a maximum array size, it can only store the character limit, and returns a "too long error", even though the character calculator says that you're under the limit. It's just a small programming glitch. I noticed tab characters, and line spacing characters tend to throw off the calculation the most.

    • Thanks, that explains it!

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