Why won't embedded videos show on the lower half of the stacked opinions and what can I do to fix this?

I have no idea if this is just me or if it's like that for everyone. But once there are several answers with embedded videos, the answers that are on the bottom half of the page will show only the links.

Why is that? And is there anything I can do to fix it?

No one has an idea?


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  • To prevent extended loading times, we only show 3 embeds - the rest appear as links just as before.

    • Why not just have a setting under our accounts that lets us turn embedded video/pic on and off, that way people with slower computers/internet connection can turn it off and the users with fast computer/internet connection can have it turned on where every thing is embedded and just not part embedded, part links.

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    • Good suggestion, thanks!

    • Always glad to help =D =D =D =D.

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