What is Xper and experience on here supposed to be?

I noticed how we have like Xper (I have like one lol) and experience (like 101). I saw a comment where someone said "Wait until your Xper is up to 5000 and see if you have enough to buy _____ off of Amazon"

Can xper really do that? Or is it just something to show how much we use this site? Also, how does one get more xper and experience? I want mine to get up to 5000 if it's possible! lol


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  • Please check out our FAQ - https://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq/xper - as it explains the Xper point system in great detail; how to earn Xper points and climb the Xper levels, what levels change your abilities, what rewards you can cash your points in for, how to redeem those points, etc.

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • Your Xper is basically your ranking or your level. You need a certain number of points or experience to move up levels. You get these points by asking questions, answering questions, when people up vote your opinions, when you get the most helpful answer etc. Also once you reach a certain number of points you can choose to cash them in for something (redeem them).

    750 xper pts= getting your question featured at the top of the page for 24 hrs or so
    1000 xper pts= GAG tee shirt
    3500 or 7000 xper pts= you can donate either 15 or 30 dollars to RAVEN organization
    2500 xper pts= you can get a $10 TGI Fridays gift card
    3500 xper pts= you can 2 months of netflix
    and finally 5000 xper points= a $20 amazon gift card which i've gotten twice now.

  • it's just the accumulation of points you've received. once you reach a certain level you get certain privileges (or that's how it used to be... im not sure if it's still like that)

    More or less, the longer you spend time on here gathering points by asking and answering Qs the higher your rank is.

  • When you're on your page, if you scroll down there's a list of things that experience can be cashed in for. I think the Xper is like your "level" almost. LIke it upgrades the more "most helpfuls" you get etc.


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  • The number one is like your rank.

    You're a level 1 because I'm guessing you just made your account.
    You level up by gaining Xper. You gain xper by answering questions and stuff.
    The more xper you gain, the faster you level up.

    When you get 5,000 xper, you can redeem a $20 amazon gift card. I just redeemed my first one a week ago. Got an iphone case 👌

    • So how do I get more Xper? I have like 101 and I want 5000!!! Just reply to this question again, saying how to get 5000 Xper quickly, please. Thanks!!

    • Answer a lot of questions. You'll rack up points fast. It'll take you a while to get 5,000, though, took me almost 2 months

    • I think it's like 3 points per every answer you give