Is GirlsAskGuys helpful? If so, in what ways?

To me its a good website still what more option should be included in this GaG


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  • People come to GirlsAskGuys for many different reasons.
    Many come to understand the opposite sex better; to find out what they want, what they like, what they need in a relationship, to learn what's going on in their own, or to find out how to get a relationship themselves.
    People also come here to better understand people, in general, and themselves.
    The site offers opinions and perspectives from people of both genders, all religions, races, ages, locations.

    Ask and you shall receive :-)

    • is this useful to u

    • In some ways, sure.
      I now work here too.

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • U can get more answers if its about something to do with opposite gender than u can on yahoo answers

  • I just come here to answer people's questions and vent about stuff.

    • then u r very good in answering any such type of questions lol

What Guys Said 2

  • I just love it when someone asks a question where they're clearly the ones wrong, and everyone tells them that "yeah... that's your fault." Some of these questions actually result in personal development, which is nice.

    Of course, the "this guy glanced at me once and is he in love with me" thing isn't really one of these, haha.

  • It's been helpful to me. I have enjoyed my time here!

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