Returning to topic after answering question?

Why is it now that when we go to any of the topic's, find a question, summit an answer for it we end up in a general question area instead of back to the questions in the topic where we were? This changed when this ridiculous site change was made. Seems like you can't leave what works alone!

I saw how this site grew! Lost about a 1/3 or more of it's users! My grandfather was a pretty smart man and I can remember one of his favorite sayings "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" and that can actually relate to todays technology.


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  • That ability is my favorite part of the recent change to GAG. I can move from one question to the next much easier and faster because I don't have to start all over from the first page of the topic.

    • It doesn't go back to the topic your comment was from, it goes to a general list of questions from all the categories. If it did what you said I'd be happy. You still have to scroll to find a question from that topic and either answer it or click on the topic section below it or click on questions, click topic you wanted and your back to the beginning again.

    • What I meant was: I go to a list of topics, it starts from page 1, and that's fine. I click on a question, and answer it. Instead of having to go back to the topic and list of questions from page 1 all I have to do is click "View Question", and " Next". It's fast and simple.

    • I'll give that a try! Thanks

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  • We take you to a page with more questions that are either related so that you may be able to find other posts that interest you.
    It's all to encourage everyone to share and advise on things they might know more about, or be more interested in.

    The site is growing, as is its community. There are now more questions being asked each day, more opinions being posted, more new members signing up every day.
    While we understand some familiar users have left, we're happy to say that the site is as popular and active as it's ever been.

    We appreciate the feedback!

  • The site has to change and evolve with the times...that is the circle of life. :-P

    P.S. I don't agree with every site change by the way


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