Can the designers of GAG create a second, dark theme for the website?

I really think the website is too white. Which is why I'm using an extension that inverts the color scheme, and makes the whole thing black instead. I mean, this literally is pure white, and it's a strain on the eyes.

So currently it looks like this for me:
And I think it's really sexy.

So while I'm using an extension for this, it would be nice if it was actually accessible to everyone, because of long term health benefits and also because it looks so much cooler than the blinding lights. Is this possible as an improvement?

  • Yes, I would love a dark theme kinda like on your picture! :D
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  • Actually, I honestly don't care at all whatsoever ~_~
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  • No, are you silly? Why on earth would you even want a dark theme? >:[
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  • I love the dark theme idea. The current theme reminds me too much of Facebook.


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  • I like that. They should give the option to switch between the two.

    They also should give guys the colors: Blue, Green, & black. For girls: Pink, purple, & red.

    • Yup, that's the way I imagine it too, the ability to switch.
      The same thing happened with the Bioware Social Network, they switched to a very light skin (similar to GAG) and people just stopped visiting until they brought in a dark theme, haha.

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    • ... yeah, I'll do the same haha although it's nearly 10 PM so I'll settle for something even more simple, like cereal :p

    • Stop showing me food!! LOL!! My stomach keeps growling.

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  • They definitely CAN; but will they? I don't know.

    • Well, luckily, it isn't nearly as hard, because apparently the inversion of colors would be sufficient. The theme selection takes a minor bit of extra work, but most things on this website are already much more complicated XD

  • On my iphone, all I have to do is triple click my home button and my screen goes negative so I see everything like your picture :)

  • What extension are you using? I really like that dark theme