What does the title [GURU] mean?

I see some members have it. I don't understand it @.@


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  • It actually kinda counts as XPER Level 10.

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    • Please note that while it says +100 for 'featured article' in the new faq, you can't actually write Articles (yet? anymore?)
      And that you used to get +10 for best answer, now you get +5
      When you got upvotes, you got XPER +1
      And technically every answer you provided gave you 3 points instead of 1, which really makes a difference.

    • Of course, it's just the simple way of making it harder to obtain monetary prizes for XPER, aka GAG doesn't have infinite resources and it's not really that beneficial for them to give out a bunch of 20$ amazon cards. So it's easier to make them harder to get, and also more expensive in terms of XPER (there was a price change about a month ago).

      And of course, you don't have ads in your face after level 8, which is also lost income. So it's not beneficial for someone to just register and stop providing income.

      So overall, I can't blame them, because it makes sense from a business standpoint, but it's evident that it is much harder to reach next levels than before - because it's more beneficial for the financial maintenance of the site. The admins need to get paid, and the server has to be paid for as well (which is quite costly).

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  • It means that people like me have invested way too much time into this website instead of doing more important things ;)

    • Lmao xD do you really have better things to do than being on this amazing site? :P

    • Yes right now I could be out running but I barely slept last night so I'm kind of not feeling it.. Haha

  • 1. Guru is basically a word in an almost extinct language 'Sanskrit' This word has been adopted by Hindi (the national language of India) as well as Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Bengali, Gujarati and Nepali where meaning remains the same
    2. Sanskrit is spoken in
    2.1. Mattur, Shimoga district, Karnataka
    2.2. Mohad, Narsinghpur district, Madhya Pradesh
    2.3. Jhiri, Rajgarh district, Madhya Pradesh
    2.4. Kaperan, Bundi district, Rajasthan
    2.5. Khada, Banswara district, Rajasthan
    2.6. Ganoda, Banswara district, Rajasthan
    2.7. Bawali, Bagpat district, Uttar Pradesh
    2.8. Shyamsundarpur, Kendujhar district, Odisha
    3. 'Guru' means teacher or master in any of the languages cited above
    4. The Oxford and other dictionaries in English list 'Guru' as a recognized word and describe it as 'an influential leader or popular expert'

  • Means you've been on gag for a long time.
    To put it in perspective, you need 20,000 xper points to become a "Guru," I have only 6,000 and I've been here for like 3 months.

    • Wow, no life. :P
      I've had this for years. I quit using this site for 2 yrs. I'm going to 5,000xp

    • Whatever xD I mostly use it at night since I suck at falling asleep cx

      What made you come back?

  • It means they are better than you.

  • Great and Unusual. Ryan reynolds fans Usually.

  • They have reached the pinnacle of this site...ooor they just have a lot of time in their hands haha.

  • Its a Hindi word meaning expert, and you hv to be at lvl 10+ to be one.

  • It's the admins subtle way of telling people they have been here too long


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  • It's just another xper level.

    Level 1 = 0 - 149
    Level 2 = 150 - 299
    Level 3 = 300 - 499
    Level 4 = 500 - 999
    Level 5 = 1000 - 2499
    Level 6 = 2500 - 4999
    Level 7 = 5000 - 7499
    Level 8 = 7500 - 9999
    Level 9 = 10000 - 19999
    Guru = 20000-49999
    Master = 50000+

  • A person who writes a bunch of stuff on the site. CX

    Basically someone who is really active on GAG.

  • It mean I have no life :/

  • Guru members are actually FBI agents gathering personal information from everyone on this site.

  • You've been here since 2011 and you've never seen GURU? Haha!

    It's simply an Xper level title.
    Level 10 = Guru
    Level 11 = Master

    For reference, this info can always be found in our FAQ :-)

    • XD leave me alone! :P
      I left for like a year or two.
      I'm back cause I had nothing better to do xD

    • Haha!
      Welcome back!

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