How do I get questions featured on GAG and can my old questions still be featured?

I am asking because there are 3 questions that I have already asked but forgotten to get them featured :( And two of them GAG has helped me selected the MH because I couldn't decide which ones to chooooose ;(
Thanks for helping! :)


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  • After you've earned enough Xper points (750 for each feature), click Redeem Points from your Xper page and include the URL link of the question you'd like us to feature.
    We've been getting A LOT of requests lately, so you will receive a message letting you know we've put your question in line, but it can sometimes take a while for it to actually be featured.
    You'll receive another message when we feature it letting you know we've redeemed the 750 Xper points.

    We will not feature the same question more than once.
    We will not feature any questions sexuality related.

    For reference, this information can always be found in our FAQ :-)

    • Thanks. I have gotten a message from GAG which says that they have received my request :-)

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    • I've never seen Sexuality questions featured, not as long as I've been using the site.
      It's simply because Featured Questions pop up everywhere and we prefer to keep Sexuality in Sexuality and Live Feed only.

    • I see. Thanks :)

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  • Go to Xper on your side bar thing and click "redeem points" you'll see instructions on how to do it there.

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