When you post a direct link to a picture, the page cuts the link apart at the dots, why?

https://media-cache-ec0. pinimg. com/236x/b6/21/5f/b6215fba6ae1f47cfe51b9fcf5f91d7a. jpg

As you can see, I can't direct-link this picture, because it appends spaces before the dots. I do not understand why this is happening. Help?

  • Yeah, this is definitely a bug and the admins need to fix it ASAP
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  • No, even though over XPER Level 3 you should be able to hotlink, this is totally a feature that you can't directly post images anymore.
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This is also the reason why I can't seem to use the emoticon O. o because it seems to slice it at the dots for some reason.
So do you think the admins know? ... I will no longer be able to update this question. Did I mention how much I hate the update limits? I reaally do. This is going to take up the entireity of the 250 character limit, whic isn't too much to be hones


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  • I noticed that as well. Maybe it's a feature that puts a space after every period, as you have to after each sentence (and there are some people here who don't do that, I've noticed). Which is great and all, it makes things easier to read. But I guess there is a glitch in it that doesn't distinguish between a URL and a sentence, so links aren't parsed correctly.

    • "feature", I'm guessing kinda like this
      athenadennisfreelancewriter. files. wordpress. com/2014/02/bug_vs_feature. gif? w=640&h=480

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    • That's surprising, it worked. Now I'll try https://google.com

    • But if you try posting https://athena dennisfreelancewriter. files. wordpress. com/2014/02/bug_vs_feature. gif then it gives unknown error.

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  • I've noticed it, and yeah, it's not the most fun thing in the world to deal with. But I'm sure they'll get it fixed soon enough.

    Until that happens and they correct it, it's just a minor annoyance that we've gotta deal with. It's not the end of the word or anything. :-)


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  • noticed this a few days ago when i tried to embed a pic (link i copypasted) and it worked fine when pasted into a browser.
    when i publish a question it keeps putting spaces in the link.

    • Yeah this is exactly what I noticed as well. But YouTube videos are fine.

  • We are aware of the issue and are working to correct it.

    • Nice to hear! Any ideas why posting https://athena dennisfreelancewriter. files. wordpress. com/2014/02/bug_vs_feature. gif this link gives an unknown error if I try to post it?

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    • Glad to hear you're getting something from it :-)

    • Well I wouldn't be here if I didn't.

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  • So broken. O. o

    • wtf it does. testing

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    • Engineering crew in the house :D

    • This is kinda the reason why they use unit tests in real environments, haha.
      They should add URLs and my sexy emoticon as a test case, that's for certain.