A question to all the old timers on this site: Would you like to share your experience of your use of GAG in not more than 250 words?

Thank you very much for your time and have a nice day/evening :)


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  • I came to GAG during a very difficult time, a confusing time.
    Even now, looking at my questions just a short 4 years ago, I can see how much I've matured and grown in such a small amount of time. I do feel that GAG has had at least a little to do with that.
    I've gotten to know some very interesting people; some great, some not so great. There are a few people here who I consider to be very good friends now, probably some of the best friends I've ever had. They know me very well, yet keep coming back for more... what else could I hope for? I feel they'll be with me for a very long time, which warms my heart.
    It also, as most know, turned into a great career for me, an offer that came at a very desperate time in my life. I really do love my job and feel very lucky to have it.
    GAG is a living, breathing, fire-breathing (sometimes) creature that is capable of doing much more for us than I think we realize, good or bad.
    I'm hoping people utilize the good parts more, just as I have... it doesn't have to be all negativity and nonsense :-)

    • Thank you for MH!

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  • I have met awesome peeps like u pingju but they come and go which makes meh teary at da end =(
    Its really a great experience to get to know sum awesome and nice peeps here dat can shape ma world around for meh. The moment i gain conciousness, im alrdy addicted and glued on here x)

    • Hahaha, name me some of the things in life that are not come and go? :)

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    • You don't have the nerve? ! I don't believe you :P
      I think you are an extremely bold person, at least on GAG, you know, hahaha :P
      I have been here for years and know a lot of regular users very well although they might not be aware of my existence since I have changed usernames. I use this site mainly to brush up on my English and for the observation of human behaviour. I have 2GB of GPRS data for my mobile plan so I want to fully utilise it. Haha.

    • For years? Lol it says 3/13/2014 on ur profile xD
      But yeah ur engrish is goooood alrdy. Human behaviours on da internet are juz trolls behaviours x)
      Bewary of da human false behaviours

  • 1. I've been here since year 2012 if that's long enough to be an old timer (At the age we are in, I'd say yes)
    2. A site of literate humans no diff from any; judgmental, prone to emotions etc
    3. BUT YET one of the most sane & helpful places to be in

    • Hahaha, sane? Really? :D

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    • This site has already made me a bit insane, haha.

    • I feel the same as you and I identify that feeling as 'liberated & wiser' :D ;)

  • From my profile, "On a never ending journey of personal curiosity of better understanding humans and the environments we create. " GAG is a good crossroads for this interchange.

    I also used to use it to enhance comprehension, like a poorly stated problem with enough cues that the "real" situation can be gleened. This sometimes causes me to be pullling things out of thin air though. It's difficult.


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  • I don't know if I'm considered an old timer. But anyway. I have enjoyed GAG for 2 years and so far I've made good friends on here. You can never go wrong with amazon giftcards. There are all typed of people on this site therefore different opinions. The end.

  • When you say "Old Timers" do you mean older people or people that have been on GAG for a while?

    Actually... I don't even know why I asked neither apply to me Lol =P

  • being on here since when makes of us old users?