Why is it that 'report' is only for question updates by the QA?

I just noticed (or did I notice wrong?) that when a question is asked
1. There is no report 'option' to the question, in which case I copy the url and send it to admin / mods
2. While the same QA's question updates have a 'report' link
3. There is no 'report' link to any of the comments either (I remember this being there earlier)

How do you think only updates on questions 'deserve' being reported and not comments or the question itself?

Honestly, I'm lost here lol


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  • It's the flag at the upper right corner. There's no button that specifically button report

  • There is a gray flag next to the time stamp (top right) for questions, opinions and comments.
    When you hover over it, it'll turn red.
    Click that, choose a report reason from the drop down menu, then click Report.

    This information can also be found in our FAQ :-)

    • lol thank you SO much for that young lady, as you see I may be intellectual but not too academic ha ha - my basic lazy nature ;) :D

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  • Don't know what you are talking about. The report option is there on the Question. It is the flag next to the time (how long the question has been up). It is the most obvious of all the report icons. It is also there for the Comments, but you have to move the cursor to just left of the time to get the report flag to appear. The update is considered to be part of the question, so the report flag for the question is what you click on. So the Report option is there for all.

    • Oh yes the flag lol that's dumb of me to look for 'report' link than notice the 'flag' icon lol - thank you for your help in aiding dumb & overlooking me :)