Up and Down votes. Why are they hidden?

Just asked about the avatar change (needing a slider bar) and got curious about another not quite as new change. It used to be that anyone looking could see how the other users felt about the opinions (then called answers). Since the change you can only see the vote buttons until you actually click one. Then you can only see the votes for that opinion. Even if you are the one that asked the question. It made more sense when you could see how other users felt about the expressed opinions. I believe now that in some cases people will click on many vote buttons without really caring just to see what others said. But usually people are not clicking on any because they seem less interested when no votes are shown to start with.


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  • This way you aren't influenced when you cast your vote, but I'm not sure that's why they're hidden. It kinda took away the fun of it. I especially think the QA should be able to see all of them without actually having to vote themselves.

    It would be nice if we could upvote/ downvote comments on opinions too!

    • I don't think that being influenced is necessarily bad. I know that before, when I say that someone had gone down and down voted all the opinions, I considered that malicious and would actually go through and up vote each of those that had been down voted, unless one or more obviously deserved the down vote.

      And especially for the Question Asker. They should know how the community feels about the Opinions expressed.

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    • Thanks for MH despite not being so !

    • Sparrow24 is an admin and has "insider information". :-) So she actually was giving me a fact based piece of knowledge. Your opinion was "really" an opinion and I feel the best one for both getting at the reason and your thoughts on QA seeing them was also helpful. You earned it.

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  • so we don't see how many votes/down votes a user got and get influenced by it. E. g. if we are going to give a upvote but see no one has before but everyone has given them a down vote we might change our opinion

    • Actually, with the old system, if I saw someone getting down voted on something that I thought should be up voted, that would push me more to up vote them. I see times that a "hater" is down voting everyone and I want to help counteract the "hater's" votes. Or when I see a dumb down vote like the question is "what color hair do you have?" and someone answers red and gets down voted. There are certainly issues where what a person expresses may deserve a down vote, but not a simple, truthful answer that is just a fact, not an opinion.

  • There has always been an issue of "trend voting".
    People see several upvotes or downvotes and just go with the flow - why? I'm not sure...

    We thought it'd be a cool idea (and an interesting experiment, at least) to see how the voting system would be used if you were forced to make a decision about the opinion NOT knowing what everyone else thought of it first.
    As guessed, less people vote altogether, and there are definitely less downvotes than there used to be.

    Since voting doesn't count for anything (no Xper earned or lost, no amount can get an opinion removed, etc), it's really just a small bonus.

    • I think less down votes is good, because someone answering a simple factual question, like what their hair color is, often got down votes. If they had disparaged someone else I could agree with the down vote. But there are people who will down vote everyone or specific "targets". When I saw those, I would up vote on something I normally would not vote on.

      Actually, voting does count for something. Negativism can really bother some people when they cannot see a reason for it, and can make them avoid responding.

      On the other hand, some jerks on here that like upsetting people and spewing hate deserve all the down votes they can get.

      Of course, your opinion is the most helpful, but that is because you have "insider information", so I am sure your feelings will not be hurt that I award it to another. Thanks again. :-)

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    • I'll check on that to be sure :-)

    • I just got up and now it let me do it.. :-(

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  • Probably because a hidden vote button gives motivation and reason to vote and unbiased by other votes :)

  • Because of groupthink, I'm guessing.