Suggestion, people should need to have to add a reason for blocking another person?

And when you block the person, it would prompt you to add a reason which would have to be at least 50 characters long, and when you try to post on their post, it would say "You were blocked by the user, reason: "

That way I wouldn't be confused whenever I see I'm blocked by some random people, and I'm not even sure why. Saying any specific names counts as "antagonistic", so I won't do that, but still - it tends to bug me when I have no idea when or what I did wrong.

So, I think there should have to be an obligatory reason specification for blocking - that way you could keep track of your own reasons, and the blocked person would know what they did wrong supposedly. That way, people can even learn from their mistakes, and maybe even change for the better.

What do you think?

  • Yes, I absolutely agree, it would be nice to know why I was blocked by others so I could learn about what ticked them off.
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  • No, I vehemently disagree, those who are blocked by me do not deserve any clarification on the reasons behind my actions.
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  • I either don't agree with those bipolar options, or just don't have an opinion for some reason. I will explain below.
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Honestly, I expected a slight bit more people who would agree. Although it's partly because I don't really know of any scenarios apart from message-based harassment that blocking someone would be warranted, and that is something I don't do.


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  • We want everyone to be able to customize their GAG experience as much as possible.
    If they don't want to talk to certain GAGers, they don't have to - and they don't have to explain why.
    It's their account and their GAG experience, blocking is completely up to that member and we feel that neither admins nor other members are owed any explanations :-)
    If there is bullying or harassment going on, we hope that we'll be given that kind of information (beyond simple blocking) so that we can take care of things for the entire site.

    • Not my idea of customization, but fair enough.

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  • Asks the person posting anonymously. LOL!!

    But here's your general rule of thumb. The blocker finds that the blockee is irritating in some way.


    • If you refer to them by name, your post gets removed as "antagonistic" :(
      I don't even know who some of them are. One of them is even a mod. I don't get it.

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    • Thank you for MH. :-)

    • Well, the most helpful answer gets the most helpful award :)

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  • I guess if there were some preset reasons to choose from, maybe... but I can see many people abusing this feature if they were able to type anything in a box as a reason they are being blocked. i. e. "your a ___"... insert your insult word of choice hahaha.

  • You dont need clarification

    • I kinda do :(

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    • no i dont think you are him because of the writing, it doesn't sound aggressive enough, but I will say M

    • I'm not always harsh :p

  • I disagree but I see where you are coming from.

    • I think I've been blocked by some people I don't even remember, years ago. I have absolutely no information on why. And some people blocked me recently, but even some of those are a mystery to me, so eh.

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    • Short answer, yes; no.

    • That's it then, goading people, for whatever reason, can really irritate.

  • I partly agree, i think it would be cool if you could write yourself a little reminder of why you blocked someone. In regards to giving them a reason... i don't see the point really, the reason may be hurtful or stupid, and it's not like you could change their minds or argue the point with them anyway because your blocked... Maybe it's healthier just to move on?

    • Maybe, considering you can't really ask them for clarification, nor come to a consensus. Considering you can't talk to them anymore, ever. I think having to give a reason even for yourself would somewhat make the person introspect on whether they really want to block you or not for something petty, like a disagreement on a specific question.

      Well, I'm proud of my block list that currently contains 0 people. I keep myself to my word. :)

    • You can if you go anonymous and they reply to your quesion

    • I don't like going Anon, because I have a public profile and I'm proud of the questions I ask - except for this particular one where I figured those who have me blocked should also be able to see it :P

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  • So if I were to block someone because they're a dumbass, I'd need to have a 50 character explanation? No thanks.

    I've never blocked anyone on this site and honestly, if a person don't want to see someone's posts, they don't need a reason.

    • I could never figure out a valid reason that would warrant blocking all future posts and comments :p

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    • "I don't want to see their messages." That's like 35 characters and apparently that doesn't qualify to you. That is reason enough.

    • well it's missing a "because he claimed that circumcision was an incorrect choice for my child", it was missing the actual reason behind the reason :P

  • Some people are just annoying and give terrible answers, other's genuinely shit out of their face

    • So no, I vehemently disagree

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    • True, the race isn't always to the swift or battle to the strong, but that's the way to bet

    • ... I'm not much of a better :D I guess that's just how it is, then.