A question to all the moderators and former moderators on this site: would you please share your moderating experiences?

Also has been a moderator on GAG changed how other GAGers treat you or how you behave towards them in anyway? Thanks for sharing :)


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  • I have had a wonderful experience being a moderator. The only negativity I have personally had was when I was first voted in by my fellow GAGers to become a moderator when Sparrow24 asked the "Who should be the next members' choice moderator?" question.

    Other than that, things have been going very smoothly, I was promoted to "Supermod" a few months ago and just recently promoted to "Ubermod." Overall, users do not seem to be treating me any different and I certainly do not treat others differently either. The admins are very helpful with any moderation questions I have and I do my best to help other users as well with things regarding the site.

    One thing that does get to me sometimes is that so many users seem totally unaware of what moderators can really do. We really do NOT have that much "power." All we do is temporarily hide content that violates the guidelines of the site and the admins then review the post and decide if it should be put back or permanently removed from the site. Moderators are not admins, we can not see the identity behind anonymous users, we cannot view private profiles or private messages of other users, we can not ban accounts. Ubermods can temporarily freeze the accounts of members who are continuously violating the rules but, again, admins are the ones who make all final decisions.

    Also, moderators can not just freely abuse their status. If they are consistently removing content that does NOT violate any rules, they will lose their mod status. The admins closely monitor us to make sure we are behaving in a way that is appropriate.

    • I always like your detailed answers and you are a kind and nice moderator. Thanks for all the hard work :)

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    • No other moderators/former moderators are answering except the two of you here? That's sad :(

    • I know. Maybe they just didn't see it.

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  • I pay more attention to flames when I see one starting, to insults exchanged, to question in a wrong category..


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