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Does this website help you solve your problem or something like that? Share with me!

I always ask about my crush and I, and there are people who answers me, although it's only 1 person for each questions. It helps me because I can get opinions from people who's more mature than me.


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  • Well just being here and talking to girls has opened me up a lot and reading about other people's experiences, how best to tackle any problems, styling tips, and just everything on here will help me when I finally to jump into the dating world. I think this site is very useful and I appreciate everything that people have done for me =)

    • We love you Mike! :) Keep being the sweet person you are and giving everyone such amazing and helpful responses. You're awesome!

    • ^-^ Thank you Jawaria, you are so sweet and don't worry, I'm not changing a thing :) You do the same!

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  • I used to ask personal questions all the time, but haven't in a while.
    It mainly helped because it allowed me to see my situation for ALL angles, rather than just my own.
    It helped me jump into the mind of the other person I was dealing with, helped me to see things from their perspective, because I was hearing from people who may have been in THEIR shoes before too.

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