Is this a GAG glitch? my opinion count shows?

My opinion area shows '1' which means there is an opinion comment pending but I go on scrolling and don't see any pending opinions.

Is this some kind of a glitch or am I missing something out?

I tried signing out and in again but it's the same :(

Anybody know anything about this?


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  • Mine did that a few days ago. It lasted about a day then it disappeared.

    • Ah thank you :D glad to know someone has had a similar situation, feels better :D :D

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    • I believe they may already know about it since @sparrow24 has opined here :D

      Mine stays the same too which now counts to 08 days ;)

    • And the pleasure is always mine my friend :)

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  • It happened to me too. I lasted about a week and then one day it disappeared.

    • Thank you :) :) I feel much better that it's just a glitch and I'm not missing out on something intended for me :D

    • YW. I know it was super annoying. But If it doesn't go away contact GAG.

    • I can live with it lol When I see something as not 'in my hands' I stop bothering about it :D :D

      But yes like @sparrow24 mentions I should have gone to GAG/contact, guess I'll do that next time :) :)

      Never thought of any question or opinion is a waste though :(

  • It's probably an OLD comment.

    • Sure girl I thought so but I went on with 'show more' and nothing & I have over 4000 opinions lol

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    • *blushing* I like my username

    • OH I LOVE your username & you are very much so (but become a bit subtle lately :D )

  • If you have a notification for something, the activity will show on the very first opinion listed.
    Try going to that one, then going back through and see if it disappears.

    If not, it could be that one is caught because maybe the question is hidden but not yet approved or denied by admins.

    In the future, please come to us through Contact - - about possible glitches rather than wasting a question on it :-)

    • Thank you so much for guiding me through :)

      I sure think it's the 2nd option. Thank you again :)

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    • lol I hardly ask questions. Like I'd told one of my GAG friends, questions pop up in my mind but if I'm not online at that time then by the time I log in I've forgotten it :D

      Thank you for this :) :)

    • Sure!

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