Anyone ever know how to answer questions here but don't because they don't feel like thinking about it?

Anyways I just wondered if anyone else feels like thy know how to answer a question here but choose not to because they don't feel like having to think about it

I have severe ADHD so that probably has something to do with it. Blah

  • yup, im lazy sometimes
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  • nope, I'm always helpful even when I don't feel like it
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  • It's not laziness, for me, it's knowing what topics I want to get into and which ones I just don't.
    I NEVER answer the rate me questions, I rarely discuss politics or religion here anymore... also, if I've already discussed, in great detail, a certain topic many many times, I'll be too lazy to share it again.

    • I like this answer, thank you for sharing :)

    • Sure... thanks for MH!

    • you bet!

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  • Yes sometimes I get tired of saying and typing the exact same answer... situations may differ but there's usually similar underlying issues. Voted A :)

    • mhmm happens a lot too

  • I voted A because I can't sit still and read long posts or answers.

    • totally with you there. I have to try a few times before I can read the Wall of Text lmao

  • if i don't feel like answering questions.. why would i come on here? unless i was asking one?


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