Under 18 crowd! How do you feel about the over 18 crowd telling us we are too young to be on this site?

So how do all of you under 18 users feel about the older users telling us we are too young to be on this sight? What do you think about them saying we need to be censored or have our own "kitty pool" for this site?


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  • Well... even if a person's age range is not mentioned, its quite easy for most of use to find out if the person is above or under 18, by the way he/she writes. But that's not something 'negative', and obviously the very fact that GAG allows people under 18 is proof that they DO belong here.

    It would be ridiculous for older people to say that the under 18 guys/girls need to have their own kitty pool, because everyone would have passed through that phase of 'under 18'. Instead, we older people should focus on mentoring the under-18s and give them sound advice so that they don't repeat the same mistakes which we did at their age.

    • We'll thanks for your opinion and I do agree with you
      And that was a direct quote from a comment made to the opposite question directed toward 18+ users

    • You're most welcome! Besides, I have a younger brother who turned 18 just a month ago, so I used to deal with typical under-18 questions from him on a daily basis! Hehe! Besides, its so foolish to assume that people magically 'change' as soon a they turn 18. What differences do you see in a person aged 17 years 354 days, and the very next day when he turns 18? Not many, probably none!

      If the over-18 crowd has a problem with the under-18s on this site, they'd better stop whining about it like kids, and start their own site where they allow only 18+ adults. Nobody's forcing them at gunpoint to interact with the under-18 people.

    • Wow, you rewarded me with MHO! Much appreciated! :)

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  • I personally find it funny when someone of my age bracket asks about how to prepare for their Jr High prom

  • Its not that we don't want you here its that some of the stuff on here really is not appropriate for some of the kids on here that are like 15 and below I mean seeing questions by kids like 13 years old asking how to preform acts of sex instead of being outside and being and acting like a kid is rather disgusting and just goes to show how low society has fallen. It is also a tad annoying seeing immature kids talking about how they have loads of maturity and experience when in fact they have not experienced life nor do they have experience in it at all. As long as they don't ask for sex advice and act like they are more mature then the rest of us I have no problems.

    • I think people overexaggerate the importance of not talking about "nasty and inappropriate" things in front of younger audiences. Every single sitcom revolves around sex jokes. They may as well know more.

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    • Yup it's weird and it's disturbing and I want no part of itkids that age should be hanging out, outside with friends not pleasing guys two time their age.

  • I think censorship is silly. If you managed to learn enough about it that you need to ask questions to increase your knowledge, you may as well learn more.

    Maybe even that you shouldn't be doing those things because of X Y Z reasons.
    People don't seem to see that censorship just doesn't solve the problems.

  • Well it's normal to be curious about sexual knowlwdge at your age because at that age you are a growing individual both mentally and physically but it has certain age limits to know about it.
    Eg. - like blondfrog has said, it doesn't considered good in society when you're like 12-13 asking how can I do "a particular sexual act" ? you know

    Hope this helps :)

    • *knowledge

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    • *about sexual active youth

    • Ok thank you for your input

  • I think under 18 should be given chance but
    there is so much stuff going on the Internet
    people under 18 need more protection than what
    their getting on the online there's males age
    18-60 years old pretending to be teen males
    the rate happening is more higher than females
    age 18-60 pretending to be teen females
    Younger females under 18 don't realize
    the risk they take online and websites
    need stricter rules than what they have
    It's happening in real life but there's teens,
    children , with parents who drug addicts,
    parents in jail , we live a sad world i do
    blame all teen pregnancy and this bad stuff
    happening all cause there is lack parenting
    but when i see something wrong happening
    i come from a broken family so i know all
    about the sadness

  • If you really want to stand out and make a statement for your generation, just ignore the criticism you receive and show that you're much more mature for your age.

    There's a girl on here named cipher that gives really well mannered responses and I respect her for that. Her answers show that she's highly educated and mature for her age. I've never seen her lose an argument lol.

    • That's great that she can be so educated and mature! And yes I know your correct but I guess I couldn't help but ask this after seeing the opposite question made toward the 18+ community lol

    • I feel you haha I'm only 18 lol

    • ^.^ I don't like being called "too young" for a site that says girls ask boys not children ask adults

  • those little girls in elementary school asking questions about sex instead of being outside on a playground piss me off. I know even 13y old hoes where I live and that's just a no go and I wouldn't give advide to them. 16y old and higher can ask whatever they want.

    • Well I also know 13 year olds that don't follow a very nice sexual activity log but that wast what I asked also you are still censoring a lot of people
      U don't need to answer ppls questions... so if u think they are too young then ignore the question.-.

    • you seem offended

    • well try telling them why they shouldn't be interested in sexuality rather than being prissy about it and resorting to censorship which will actually change nothing but maintain ignorance

  • Up to the age 16 is completely fine. But under 16 they are too immature to discuss those kinda things which people can learn only with age and experience.
    What important things do you think can a 13 or 14 year old discuss here?
    Relationships and sex? NO WTF?
    A 14 year old girl explaining here how to give a blow job to a guy?
    Also most under 18 gagers are temporary here who only come to ask for rating. Even a 13 year old asking to rate her.
    In short under 16 ones have no scope here.
    Most of the things which we discuss on gag is not for them. It is a complete distraction. Hr van get addicted to such online sites where in fact he should be actually playing, making real friends, hanging out with friends and obviously concentrating on curricular activities.
    Even negative remarks or cussing here can affect their self esteem and confidence.
    Okay even if u say that this site has some potential advantages, it actually has more disadvantages than being useful.

  • People only say this stuff because the under 18s are the only age group that some people have issues with. For example, underage people talking about their "sex lives", underage people asking over 18's to rate them, etc. Also, most of them take offense when someone brings up their age. For example, "you're to young to understand ______". It does suck to be told that when you're younger, but most of it is actually true. You can learn a lot from people who are older than you

  • I am agree with MHO

  • Personally I read a lot of little know it alls who think they are somehow gods of maturity, with buckets of experience behind them. Until you've been dirt poor and supported yourself, you know nothing of the world, including love.

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    • It's not bad you're on the site, that part is fine. But a lot of young people here give older people attitude when we give advice, even though we've been there.

    • Well personally I think it's nice to get an older persons advice
      What I don't like is older people giving me smart remarks about my age -.-

  • I don't think they are too young, but those who are like 13-15 or younger than 13 and giving them advice about sex I don't want to do.

    • Well if that's the issue then don't answer the question.-. You aren't forced to answer the question and besides I don't really see a lot of these questions being seriously answered at all
      Most of the time people comment saying that the child is too young and need to stop that's all

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    • I wouldn't underestimate a ten year olds mind.-. But yes it's true that some youth are a little immature on this site but like I have said before I personally don't even see anyone of that age on here
      The youngest age I've seen is 13 and that's all... most youth are present with their own opinions and questions
      Why can we put our input... even if it is irrational the 18+ users don't need to be assholes and point out flaws in our theories
      Why not help us out in a mature manner?

    • Yeah the youngest I have seen was a 12 year old and yeah I know how you feel that is not right of them either it is just human nature for older people to act like and think they are more mature than people younger than them.

  • LOL, I was wondering when this question would switch

    Fuck the internet Po Po!

  • Some are passing moral judgement, others are simply concerned about legality.

  • I don't mind over 16. It's the under 16, I don't like. That's where it becomes creepy. I'm 25. The legal age of consent in this state is 16 but after that, it becomes jailbait, and I don't feel comfortable giving advice to girls under 16


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  • Well yeah, when 16/17 year olds are asking questions, that's fine, but when someone comes on here like, "I'm 13 and..." I'm just like, "No. Go home." They have questions, sure, but what's the point in answering them? They're just going to forget about the boy/girl the question was about in a month or two anyway.

  • I have yet to see anyone say anything about it.
    But many of them do lie about their age. I've noticed quite a few will ask questions stating their true age but their profile says 18+.
    That's about it.

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  • I feel like that's real immature I mean the site is girls ask guys. We're just curious like the rest of them. This is our outlet to get answers to our problems. Why can't they just help us and give us advice instead of complaint about how we're to young to be on this site.

    • you should complain how their too old xD tell them to get some adhesive for their dentures lmao

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    • Turtle is exactly right.

    • @turtleluv I see your point but me personally I have dealt with the problems of a grown person. I'm not having sex until marriage because I understand that it needs to be that deeper bond. I've been out in the world by myself and probably been through more than you think but all I ask of you is don't judge us or assume anything by our age.

  • I can understand the older group not liking being censored and it's true that some of us are immature, but not all of us are and I think a place like this is a good way to earn experiences by living vicariously through their past situations and advice. I also think it is a peak into the real world for those that are 17 and are about to become legal adults.

  • You take it personally. But there's a lot of immature people here who get sensitive about little things. 😁

  • I think they are just being mean...
    And trying to make us feel as if we don't belong asking questions.

  • Underage members are not permitted to ask how-to sexuality questions anyway, or anything overly explicit. We encourage anyone who sees those kinds of questions/opinions to report them using reason "Adult Content". Those questions and opinions are being removed within 24 hours.

    We also take great care in protecting our members of ALL ages from being harassed, bullied, or discriminated against based on any kind of criteria, including age.
    So please, report anything like that as well!

    The fact is, teenagers often need answers and don't have anyone to turn to. This IS the reason the site was created, to help people who need answers, who want to better understand what's going on.

    We WANT teenagers to get the help they need, to learn from people who've actually been there, people who will be honest and explain things based on experience.
    We watch carefully, but we also ask that people not bully or discriminate against you guys... we want you here :-)

    • You mean to Say that American teenagers who ate as young as 13 are facing serious issues? I don't think that people as young as 13 have got any important issues to discuss with.
      Although i appreciate this move but seriously, teenagers life is all about having crush and sex , partying, or " Hey rate me please"
      There is no productive discussion with under 16 teenagers. I. might be wrong or it is possible that i don't understand the life of American teenagers.
      But if if is so that under 16 ones have to discuss their things online, then i come tk conclusion that Americans have serious parenting issues with their kids.

    • This site was created to help people specifically with dating and understanding the opposite gender... I would think teens need THE MOST help with that since they're new at the entire thing.
      As for other issues - many teens face real issues.
      Do they have mortgages and bills? No... but to say that NONE are experiencing anything REAL is a bit of a over-generalization, in my eyes.