Have you ever posted an Article on GAG?

If you did do you mind posting the link?

I ask because since the change checking out people's articles isn't really popular anymore? And I actually did enjoy reading them.

So if you don't mind sharing post your Article here =)

Also feel free to read others Articles and comment on it.


This is mind feel free to tell me what you think =)



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  • I never had the chance to post an article, thank you G@G update.

    • Lol I like your sarcasm... but even if you haven't posted one did you ever make one and just not post it?

      Or no to that too.

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    • Don't feel bad I have quite a few questions with only one or two opinions, eventually you'll get more opinions. BTW, nice article =D.

    • Thanks for MH =D.

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  • Yes but, they're all pretty crappy except for one. I've asked GaG to pull them but they haven't. So be careful when you're thinking of writing an article because once you submit it, it's up there for good - whether you like or not.

  • No. Just don't feel like it. Don't have the time either.


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