Changing categories of a question?

Can you change the category of a question you've posted once you've posted it? And if so, how?


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  • You cannot edit or delete your posts once submitted, that includes the topic assigned.
    However, we (admins) can, and do, change the topic when we recognize one is put in the wrong place.
    For example, ALL questions related to sex or sexuality MUST be put in a sexuality topic (Sexual Behavior, Sexual Health). If they are not, mods will hide them until we're able to change it and return it to the site.

    If you realize you put yours in the wrong topic and it hasn't been changed within 48 hours, contact us - - and we'll make the change for you :-)

    This information can also be found in our FAQ -


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  • No. Users cannot change the category of a question once it has been posted.