What are the Articles and Social Xper points?

what are the Articles and Social? when i try to view my xper points, I see 0 next to social and 0 nest to articles but I have no idea what are they! how to write an article or to view the articles? is it like vip features? or what?


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  • Social is when you gain or lose Followers - You earn 1 Xper point when a GAGer Follows you, lose 1 Xper point when a GAGer Unfollows you.

    Article Xper refers to any activity on Articles, writing one yourself or commenting on one. Articles can be found by going to QUESTIONS (top menu), click By Topic. Choose a Topic, then click Articles.
    We're not currently accepting new article submissions at this time, but we will again and we'll let you know how to do that then.

    This information can be found in our FAQ :-)

    • Thank you so much. Very helpful

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    • No tricks, really.
      Following them, some follow people back.
      Stay active, don't post anonymous as much, make your username known... people will just sort of "see you around" and things fall into place.

    • Thank you :)

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  • Articles is an option everyone has a chance of writing and reading. The social I think it is how many people follow you or you follow. I honestly don't know what that social means, but my wild guess would be that.


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  • Social just means posting answers, and questions. Being selected as most helpful gives extra Xper points. There is a FAQ about this linked in the footer of the page.

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