What are the 5 things on GAG that make you happy?

The 5 things must not include getting MH (Most Helpful award), upvotes and redeeming stuffs with your Xper points. Thanks (^_^) (^.^)


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. My friends - they're the best and I love them dearly.
    2. When people come back and tell us that things worked out, or improved, or changed.
    3. When people tell me that they were actually helped, either by me or others.
    4. Funny posts, because they make me laugh, obviously.
    5. Learning about humanity.

    • Thanks for MH!

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What Guys Said 6

  • 1 Whenever I feel like I've been of help to somebody
    who needed it, gives me a happy feeling inside. :3

    2 When somebody asks a question directed at
    a certain gender expecting the other gender
    won't be able to give a good answer, and
    I still provide a great answer.

    3 When people reply to my opinions.

    4 I get to talk to many different
    and interesting people around the world.

    5 Not sure what to write here. ^.~

  • Seeing a few special cuties like u on here's makes meh happy ma pingju. I wouldn't be here as much without y'all x)
    Besides dat are fun and weird questions but dont even mention sexual questions in ma face -_-
    Helping da cuties and given them advice dat helped them makes meh happy enough dat i can even shape sumones life in a way.. chatten wif other few cuties are enjoyable and keeps meh happy to come back gere and hunt them down xD

  • When people message me after seeing opinions that I have given and ask for my help or advice. I like that a lot. When I engage people and they get me to see things in a new perspective and vice versa. I've never redeemed my points for anything. How do you do that?

  • Knowing that I helped someone.
    Learning from reading questions and answers.
    Reading about other users.
    Nice way to make the time go by.
    Gets me thinking. Makes my head work.

  • Certain sosososoososo cute people.
    The lolz.
    The lolzy avis.
    Rate me threads :)

  • Really just having short exchanges with numerous, random people in a manner that doesn't drain my energy or waste much time.

    This question makes me a little happy. :)


What Girls Said 2

  • 1. Helping Others
    2. Getting Advice When I Need It
    3. Sharing My Opinion
    4. Making Friends
    5. Receiving Compliments From Others

    1st to 5th