Why can't u have friends on here anymore, but just follow people... makes no sense?

They discontintued chating with friends, but you can folllow people which is pointless cuz you can't talk to them and it makes you look like a stalker... whats up with that... GAG's features have gone done the tube.


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  • There hasn't been a chat function in a long time because Meebo was bought out.
    As for changing Friends to Following... it's really a quick one word/one function to describe what you do regarding GAGers, Questions, Topics, and Articles. You Follow them.
    Private messaging is still available.
    If they've activated certain settings, they have to follow you in order for you to be able to send them a message or see their profile (which is private otherwise).
    Otherwise, you can PM them just as you could before.
    Following puts their activity in LIVE FEED whenever you filter.
    For example, I filter by "Users I Follow" so I can see what they're doing and saying.

    This information can always be found in our FAQ :-)

    • what do you mean i follow this one girl and when i try to message her it does not allow me and says you must be a follower to private message her but I am a follower... makes no sense.

    • She must follow you.
      She's apparently activated the setting where she only allows people she is following to PM her.

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • I know, I miss the old gag - I used to have an account but apparently my password got misplaced anyway and the messages were longer and it was perfect the way it was - this is a little bit disturbing


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  • Can't GAG connect with another company since Meebo was bought out?
    I miss some of the features the old GAG had. Oh well. Everything is changing. Takes time getting used to.

  • I Miss the friends feature too.

    It seems like through admins are making GaG less personal, and more transient.