Do you think GaG should start a beta program? Would you participate?

As everyone probably noticed GirlsAskGuys made yet another site update and many people are confused or not happy about all of the changes.

It happened quite a lot since i am active here and it is not up the standards the site originally was when i joined (In my fair opinion ofcourse).

To prevent further harm to the site and to make sure every new idea and feature is tested properly i would like to suggest a separate beta version of the site that people who are interested can use to test new site layouts and features.
On this version the devs can go crazy without effecting the main userbase. It would also be a great testing ground to test new layouts and ideas thought up by the community.

So users would you be up for it? And would you participate?
Admins, could you implement this and do you think this is a good idea?

The ultimate goal would of course be a better site for everyone with only features that have been tested and approved by the users who do not mind testing out these new idea's and who can give honest feedback on them.

  • Yes, it is a good idea and i would like to participate.
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  • Yes, this is a good idea but i will not participate.
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  • No, Its fine how it is.
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Beta sites can be linked to the original thing but the testing would be more limited.
A prime example of this is YouTube's cosmic panda layout where users who wanted got shown the new layout while others still worked with the old one.
Another idea we stumbled upon.
The Beta site would not have to be a full site. Instead it would be a site where you can navigate and take a look at the sites functionality without it actually being a live working website


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  • I would not see the point in using a beta version, personally. I'd rather stick to the real website and let the devs figure it out for themselves. That being said, what's wrong with the idea of asking the GAG community before making ridiculous changes? I'm assuming it's their user-base that they're trying to please, so why not get their input too?

    • That would exactly be what the beta was for though.
      Rather then communicating the idea we can try it out for ourselves and go back if we don't like it.

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    • Whatever would be posted would be simple dev text such as some example questions copied or lorum ipsum or something like that and it would be impossible for us to change that. I think we got ourselves a winner here because this also seems quite easy for them to create. Devs get working on it :P

    • Hahaha! You heard him, Devs!

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What Girls Said 2

  • They didn't make that big of a change. The changes aren't a big enough deal or different enough that there needs to be beta testing done

  • We do test things internally, and we feel that's all that's needed at this time.
    Not every change needs to be approved by our community, that would basically be impossible, haha!

    It is something we continue considering though, so thanks for letting us know, feedback is always passed on up :-)

    • Sparrow how do you like the mockup idea that we came to in a discussion down below?
      It is always good to have users test the new version before it is released live.
      The small changes could always be bundled in one package rather then being released live or reviewed every single time.

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    • I'll pass these ideas along...

    • All we can ask from you sparrow ^^

What Guys Said 3

  • GaG has changed, a lot (visually), in the 2 months or so, that I've been gone.
    But overall, GaG is the same as it's always been
    and I like the site as much as I did before my "break"

    You have a great idea, but I don't mind the changes, at all ^.~

    • You seem suited for the beta then. You could judge if the changes are good or bad before they are pushed on others.

  • These new changes suck. They're horrible in my opinion. The font is MASSIVE and the "what girls said" and "what guys said" bars look dumb now with both gender's numbers next to each. Not professional at all.

    • This demonstrates it quite nicely.
      If there was a public mockup to be commented / voted upon or a beta version then we could have prevented many upset users (And yes i agree with you joseph i dont like the big font eigther although i do like the new comment navigation bar).

    • I'm more confused about how it needs to load the whole thing when you click on it.

  • If GAG is Alpha, why would you need a Beta?