How to choose two topic for one question?

i've seen it here but I don't know how i can do it
any help?


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  • You can't. You can only choose one topic. If you mention anything sexual, the system will automatically add a sexuality topic as well, but that's the only time there are two topics.


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  • I don't think you can do that anymore. Before you could tag different topics into the question

  • When someone doesn't choose a sexuality topic correctly, we have a system in place to catch some and put it there anyway, that is the only time you'll see questions with two topics, and they'll only have both for 24 hours (at the most) until we're able to correct it.
    Please simply choose the best topic to fit your questions, but you can only choose one.
    If it's sexuality related, please choose Sexual Behavior or Sexual Health. If you don't, our mod team will hide the question until we're about to correct the mistake,

    Check out our Topic list to learn more about them, learn where your questions belong -


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