What titles make people be interested in sharing?

what kind of questions are you interested in? what questions do you wanna give opinions? how to get more attention? haha


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  • hehe well firstly dont go anon. people like to know who the user is.
    unless u wanna ask a personal question.
    dont make ur question too long.
    people love answering questions that relate to them, like asking what their favourite or preference of something is.
    try to steer away from love life questions unless theyre urgent.
    people hate rate me qs.
    asking questions that spark up healthy debate is good. make sure they dont fight lol.

    yeh, jus a few ideas=]

    • i don't like anonymity, either. haha
      why don't people like love life questions?

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    • yeah, you're right

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  • I only look at questions in topics I am interested in or can find something interesting in. And I only answer questions I know the answer to (that includes writing my own personal opinion which is my correct answer but not necessarily someone else's).

  • I like to answer all sorts of questions, but I think my
    favorite questions are the ones that rules out guys
    like, the asker doesn't believe guys to be able to answer :3

    • why you like that questions?

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    • It's a mix of wanting to help if I can
      and proving to people that I can.

      I take pride in knowing all sorts of things
      so when someone tells me "you can't"
      I like to tell them back "I can"

      If you understand ^.~

    • that's nice of you

  • It depends on the complexity of the question not the title. The easier and more varied the question the more responses you'll get.

  • Generally if you have the words "boobs" and "size" you have a winner.


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  • Questions that are "to the point" I don't want a long ass question I'm too lazy to read details.

    • haha, me, too. i just like short questions

    • Yes. They can be interesting questions but when they expand the details I am moving on to a different question. Or I'll answer according to the question title without reading at all the details.

    • me, too

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