Is anyone else getting video adverts from the website?

Despite being above level 9 or whatever it was, which was supposed to allow the user to use the website without being pestered by adverts, I just saw a video pop up and start playing loudly in the corner of my screen. It politely told me I couldn't close the window for a further 10 seconds or whatever.

Has anyone else noticed this behaviour? Is it new?


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  • This will be fixed shortly :-)
    I'll let you know when so you can verify.

    • It should now be fixed!

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  • "Adblock" chrome, i've never seen a single advertisement on gag

    • I tend not to use Adblock because websites do rely on advertising to stay afloat.
      However in the case of GAG, I thought the ad-free experience was a reward for long-time users.

    • On GAG it is indeed, but websites that rely on advertisements can do so because the advertisements are statistically proved to generate income. That income is drawn from a consumerist economy where consumers are sold sold services and objects that they do not want or need. It's a disease