Messages on here blank out a minute after reading them?

I was just checking my messages on here and all of a sudden they blank out of the message box then when I go back to read them the same problem happens again. Is anyone else having this problem too?


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  • I'm not having this issue personally.
    What kind of device and browser are you using?

    For future reference, please contact us - - with these issues rather than post questions about them :-)

    • Another thing i recently noticed which i didn't use the contact form for as its not effecting me directly is that it was impossible for me to open new messages on IE11. I had to go to someone's profile and then click message.

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    • This should now be fixed.
      Next time, please get back to us with these issues so we can identify them better :-)

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • Yes, some glitch currently.


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  • Ok it's not just me then. Mine on my mobile is doing it too