Are there any questions on GAG that keep you pondering about for days?

I mean if there were any questions on this site that have kept you thinking about for days whether you end up answering them or not? If so, kindly post the links to these questions. Thanks.

  • Yes, there are questions on GAG that keep me pondering about for days.
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  • No, there aren't such questions.
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  • I've not come across a question that makes me ponder - now I wonder why is it so and am pondering lol

    However, I do keep some questions open cause I want to answer them but am not in a frame of mind or in a mood to do so or have some work. There are many times I opine late even after the MH has been awarded lol

    Relevance to a valid thing can always be available even when time has elapsed. Like every question is unique so is every opinion :)

    I'm voting 'B'

    • Thank you girl for this kind gesture of selecting my opinion the MH :) I wholly appreciate your thoughtful gesture as always :)

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  • I don't like waiting too long before an answer because then there is a chance you will write the answer too late and it will no longer be relevant. Sometimes I need to postpone writing it due to circumstances, but I don't like waiting too long. Most of the text I write, I figure it out in real time (most of it anyways) so I voted B).

    • True, it has happened to me before. I waited too long to answer and it no longer become relevant :(

    • and it was no longer relevant*

    • Yeah, and even if I do ponder a lot, there's a high chance that it'll just disappear into the abyss of the live feed and I won't find it ever again :p

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