Who thinks GAG should add additional options when asking a question?

So I see a lot of questions aimed at a specific gender or age group.

This is just a question for what kind of things people would like to see added when asking a question - Such as the ability to ask only 1 gender, etc. The other gender would be able to view the question, just not post a reply.

Feel free to post about things you would like to see added! :D

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think everyone should be able to answer freely on this site, without any restrictions. Even if you aim your question at a specific gender/age group, some people (that the question wasn't originally aimed at) might still have some valuable experience regarding whatever the Asker wants to know.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I don't think so. Anyone should be able to freely answer any question they like. If the QA doesn't like it, all they have to do is ignore the responses from the specific group that bothers them.


What Guys Said 1

  • nah I think its helpful if someone can get opinions from everyone regardless of what they think they want.

    • Fair enough :P I was just asking this because there are questions asked about girl problems, and the guy's opinions are often completely pointless, so I thought it might make sense

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