Why is GAG recognizing 4 of the people who has had a lot of best answers in the first week of July?

They all are failing anyway. 30, 40 and 50% are fall failing grades, but, why are they still recognizing them?


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  • We just wanted to recognize and promote our GAGers who have been really helpful.
    We will be doing this regularly :-)

    • I hope you don't

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    • Shouldn't the mods be listening to what the people want. Isn't GAG a free enterprise?

    • Mods are just users, Admins are GAG staff - please check out the FAQ as it explains the difference - https://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq/moderators

      And yes, we appreciate the feedback.
      You're still going to see that for a while as it's something we want to do for our GAGers :-)

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  • Yeah, I was wondering that too. I'm not sure why they're recognizing people with high most helpful opinion percentages. I also find it interesting that none of the users recognized have answered more than 250 questions. Personally, I just think it's more impressive for the users who have given many, as in hundreds or thousands of answers, and still have a high MHO percentage. But still, congratulations to the ones who are being recognized:)


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  • Anything that promotes quality answers seems like a good move, in my opinion.

    This particular addition wasn't my idea nor was it done by my implementation, but it's something I actually thought was a good idea before it was even added.

    What's not to like, anyway?

  • It is a good move. Promoting quality opinionators.