Moderator, this one is for you.

I recently had an answer removed due to moderation. The reason listed is "Question is removed!". What does that mean? Also, do I lose XPERS because of this?


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  • Great question! Thanks for posting.

    When a question is removed, you will receive an email stating the reason as to why it was removed. If you need more information, please contact the admins via the contact form and request specific details about the removal.

    When an answer is removed, it's because the question was removed (duplicate, offensive material, adult topic under 18, the user is under 16, poor grammar, etc.). You only lose the Xper Points you would have gained if the question remained posted.

    Hope this helps!


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  • When an entire question is removed by the site administrators all the answers are also removed and a message like the one you mentioned is sent to all the answerers of that question. When that occurs, any points you might have received for answering the question are removed. But usually the points aren't actually updated for a day or two anyway, so what actually ends up happening in most cases is that the 3 points you would have earned are just not added to your account.