Has GAG changed your personality in any way and by how many percent?

This question is more for those users who have been here regularly for a long time. Thanks.

  • GAG has changed 0-10% of my personality.
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  • GAG has changed 11-20% of my personality.
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  • GAG has changed 21-30% of my personality
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  • GAG has changed 31-40% of my personality.
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  • GAG has changed more than 40% of my personality.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I voted A. Being here has not changed much about me but I do thunk it has mentally strengthened me quite a bit. Being insulted by perfect strangers is never fun but the longer I have been here the more I have just taken those things with a grain of salt.

    I'm still a relatively sensitive person but rude and mean comments don't bother me now nearly as much as they used to.


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What Guys Said 1

  • GAG has bore witness to a 95% change in personality but is not directly responsible for any of it... okay... maybe 1%...


What Girls Said 1

  • The friends I've met here have made me a better person, made me want to be a better person.
    In that way, I feel it's changed who I am in some ways.