What happened to my gift card? I tried to redeem a gift card and it still hasn't shown up?

On the 9th of this month I submitted a request for an Amazon gift card, the day after I got a message saying I'd receive it in my e-mail within 24 hours. Well it's been several days longer than 24 hours and I still haven't gotten it. What happened to it? Admins? Anyone?


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  • Check your spam folder. Sometimes the gift cards can accidentally pop up in there. If you can't find it anywhere in your e-mail, then I would suggest contacting the admins again.


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  • I would call Amazon and say you never got your gift card and you waited 7 days for it and you will get a new one and try to get something out of it to for free because they fucked up. Good luck.

    • You get a code for a gift card from G@G which can later be redeemed on Amazon itself. If it's the code she's waiting on then it would be pointless to bother trying to contact Amazon about it.

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  • Just shoot a message to the Admins to let them know you're still waiting on it.

  • It was sent to your email address twice, the email address used for GAG, of course.
    To see which email address that is, check your Login Settings.
    Please check your Spam folders and make sure our emails aren't being filtered out and deleted.

    In the future, please come to us with these issues rather than posting about it as the community won't be able to help you.