No-script users, does GAG look strange to you now?

Background: No-script is an add-on for Mozzila Firefox that is mainly useful for stopping cross-site scripting exploits, information and usage harvesting, and preventing compulsory execution of digital programs or files such as spyware, virii, or other unsolicited material.

The question is all in the title. I've been using No-script with GAG (gag itself is allowed to run scripts) since 2011, but recently I have deformed text ("? the knowledge") sliding off the edge of m yscreen, with some facebook/g+/twitter share buttons that like to cruise around with my scroll.

Why aren't these just small thumbnails in the question header box like every other site on the internet and the planet earth?


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  • It shouldn't be deformed text, but we're just putting some social sharing buttons in our white free space :-)
    "Share the knowledge!" with static social share buttons that never move... this should be seen on Question pages.


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  • I haven't noticed any deformities, but then, I use my phone mostly.

    I have, however noticed the FB, Twitter etc. icons, but they don't really bother me ^~^