I was just wondering if can I post a pic if so how?

can i post a pic on a comment or opinion or in a message if so how?


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  • If you're wanting to post something from the internet, simply copy/paste the image's URL and it'll embed in questions and opinions, not in comments or messages.
    In comments, it'll show as a clickable link.
    In messages, it'll just show the URL and they'll have to copy/paste it to see it.

    If you're wanting to post a picture of yourself, you'll first need to upload the picture to a website like photobucket or tinypic, etc. THEN copy/paste the URL and post... just as with the others.

    This information can always be found in our FAQ, please check it out :-)


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  • Since you're level 2 you should be able to, just copy and paste the image's url into your post and it'll go through automatically when you submit your post.

    • but if i take a pic with my laptop how can i let people see it in a message or question or comment

    • There's no way to upload images here right from your computer, the only time you can do that is for your avatar. You'll have to use a url... you can always upload your pictures on sites like photobucket, imgur, tinypic etc., and then share them here.

    • okay thank you

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  • Upload a pic to to tinypic. com then post the link